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1 July, 2015 INT Group will bring a new breath to food sector with its new brand Omega3! INT Group is directing its 15 years of medical agency experience to “health and wellness” concept of food sector among the world. Omega3 is carrying current nutrition science trends to your brand identity. “Chefs” of Omega3 combine creative team and scientific team ideas and prepare healthiest recipes for you. Some of our menus are; Brand Check-up, Healthcare Professionals Communication, Social Responsibility Programs for Nutrition and Wellness, Food Risk & Benefit Communication, Sustainability from Farm to Fork.. Omega3 “chefs” are inviting you to their website… www.omega3creative.com  Your brand is so healthy and so well with Omega3… See you soon...
15 June, 2015 Several times “best practice” winner INTMeeting is on all smart devices now!  INTMeeting System, designed for concentrated, productive, efficient, catchy, entertaining, measurable, interactive meetings, will leave mark on your term meetings, training sessions, physician meetings and many more successful meetings... Contact us.